About Witse

Witse is the name of my company where I work as a freelance producer and consultant, specialising in online and digital solutions.

Who am I?

I'm Wytse van der Velde, a thirty something year old male currently living in Amsterdam. I've always had a passion for computers and what can be done with them. So ever since graduating in Computer Science, I've worked in online businesses and projects. Nowadays with everything getting more connected and interesting developments everywhere from mobile and big data to the cloud and beyond, its great to be working on the forefront of things.

I especially enjoy working as part of a team or guiding them to produce high quality solutions for complex problems. I love the challenge of creating something, while working with new and interesting technologies. In my leisure time I'm pretty active, so offline its climbing, running, biking, karate or something else. I also enjoy playing chess competitively.

If you want to know more about me professionally have a look around or view my LinkedIn profile.